About This Work


We exist in a moment in the unfolding epic that challenges us to live up to the potential inherent in our name: Homo sapiens, “People of Wisdom.”

All of the issues that bedevil us, personally and globally, arise from a mistaken yet persistent belief that we are separate from the self-governing, self-sustaining Intelligence of the whole.

An astrological reading makes visible and intelligible the undivided character of our inner psyche with the outer cosmos. It can reveal the astonishing beauty of the unique and unrepeatable expression of cosmic intelligence that is each of us, and simultaneously, can provide a clear, nuanced and compassionate view into the specific patterns of life-negating behavior that we are prone to express when we forget we are that.

We learn to honor the paradox inherent in living, and to joyfully engage with the creative process at the center of our lives which is ready to instruct us moment by moment. We begin to see that life in its unerring intelligence is always working with us in perfect call and response.

The insight gained is a crucial step toward freeing us from the reflexive tendency to erect barriers between ourselves and the world, naturally supporting a broader, deeper emergence of tolerance, wisdom, love and joy.

About Anita


Anita Doyle, MA has been an archetypal/transpersonal consultant and educator since 1983. She is a diplomate of the Steven Forrest training program in evolutionary astrology.

Her writing has appeared in Tricycle:The Buddhist ReviewParabola:The Magazine of Myth & TraditionThe Dream Network JournalNorthern Lights, Cosmos & Logos, The Myth Studies Journal and other national, regional and professional publications.

She earned graduate degrees in medicine at the University of Colorado and in mythological & religious studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute of Depth Psychology. She has also studied extensively in counseling psychology. She is a life-long student of the I Ching, meditation, archetypal inquiry and dreams.