Astrological Readings

Individual Birth Chart

$190 / 90min-2hr consult

The birth chart is a portal to consciousness and to what yearns to be expressed through us. It is also an endlessly revealing navigational map. The natal reading is an in-depth conversation about the inherent capacities you carry for a creative and meaningful life, from an evolutionary, consciousness-centered perspective. Together we seek to understand how your individuality in this lifetime is working to unfold the soul's intentions, and the particular gifts and challenges it brings to bear in the process. The latter part of the reading includes a discussion of the "transits and progressions" to your natal chart - which is to say, the developmental challenges and opportunities affecting you currently.

Transits & Progressions

$160/ 1hr consultation

Over the course of time, the ongoing movement of the planets in relation to the birth chart corresponds to emerging archetypal realities in the life of the soul. A reading of the transits and progressions to your birth chart illuminates the developmental pressures and opportunities shaping your experience at the present time. It provides insight into what is trying to come to form, so that you are freer to engage with the process creatively.

Please Note: Having had a Natal Reading with Anita, at some point in time, is required prior to scheduling a Transits & Progressions Reading. Do note, however, that a natal reading includes a reading of current transits and progressions.

Couples Relationship

$225 / 90min-2hr consult

A detailed exploration of the gifts and opportunities for soul growth provided by the couple's relationship. How is the relationship prepared to help the individuals evolve? What are natural areas of mutual support between the two people? Where do their instincts tend to run along opposing or otherwise challenging lines? Useful for couples wanting to deepen their commitment to the relationship, as well as for those who may be exploring their readiness to separate their paths with mutual understanding and respect.

Please Note: Both members of the couple must have had individual natal readings with Anita prior to the couple’s reading.

Couples' Transits

$190 / 60-90min consult

Couples who have previously undergone a joint reading with Anita may opt for a reading of the transits and progressions currently influencing the relationship. Although not in the depth that would be the case in individual T&P readings, the most salient transits and progressions of the individuals will be considered, along with the transits to the relationship chart.

Brief Consult

$75 / 30min

Existing clients who have had a full length reading (Natal or Transits) no longer than six months previously, may request a half-hour consultation around specific questions. These brief sessions can usually be scheduled within a week or two of the request, and sometimes sooner.

Astrological Report

Solar Return Report


This 20+ page downloadable, annual “birthday” report is a detailed forecast of what the new year holds in store. Relevant to the 12 month period beginning about a month prior to a birthday. This is a high quality computer-generated report, based on your birth info and as well as where you will be during the 72 hrs. surrounding your birthday. The licensed content is not written by Anita Doyle, but by the astrologer Mary Shea, author of Planets in the Solar Return.