Archetypal Study Groups & Events

Missoula, Montana


“Re-Wholing Self, Re-Wholing World”: A Presentation by Anita Doyle

Oct. 4, 2017, 7pm

As things "heat up" in the outer world, literally and figuratively, the depth of our relationship to our dreams and inner lives may contribute more than we know to the healing of our culture's massive and increasingly lethal dissociation from Earth. In this presentation and conversation, we will be exploring the notion and restorative reality of the unconditioned Self in us, a theme truly core to personal and collective healing, and one we will pay particular attention to in the new round of dream groups starting in October. Free.


Group Dreamwork: Accessing the Wisdom of the Night

*All available dream groups are currently full*

6 weekly two-hour sessions, beginning mid-late October, $280 -

Dreams are a bridge between the original, unconditioned Wholeness that we are and that in us which forgets we are That - and may suffer as a result. From the heart-pounding wake-up calls of nightmares to the sweetly delicious dreams from which we’d just as soon not awaken, these nightly dramas can be understood as responses from the so-called unconscious to questions our so-called conscious minds haven’t figured out how to ask. Dreamwork in a small group allows for immersion in a deeper level of mind than is normally available to us in waking life, and inevitably evokes surprising gifts of insight, laughter and an intimate sense of camaraderie with those others with whom we’ve come together to share and tend the Dream.