What Others Have Experienced


“Dear Anita, It's almost been a year since I had my reading with you. I want you to know that it has had an incredibly powerful impact in my life.” V.K., New York

“The work we have done together has transformed and continues to transform my life in profound ways.  I look at myself and the universe in a completely different way...It has immensely enriched my life."
S.P., Montana

“I am stunned by the clarity of your insight. I’m left with a feeling of real excitement to be who I am right now, in the circumstances I'm in right now, and to have some tools specific to me and my evolution to work with." A.N., Montana

“Throughout our conversation, I felt as if we were touching something real and true, something essential and core. Also, something I was on the verge of ignoring in my hurry to flee my current situation.  Now, I feel as if things have been recalibrated, with plenty of room for TRUE excitement. I cannot thank you enough.”  
M.G., California

"What you were willing to discuss and share with me is one of the most valuable gifts I have yet to receive.” K.R., California

“I can't begin to tell you what a gift the couple's reading was for both of us together and each of us as individuals. It's like this deep ability to let go, relax, and breathe has come over us. It was validating and inspiring and motivating. It confirmed our deep instinct that we are meant to be together for the long term. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel this new-renewed ability to love myself, love K., and love us as we are together.”
L.E., California

"I can't say enough about the depth of what you have given me." M.M., Colorado

"The reading was extremely helpful. It's a pleasure to hear someone talk about this stuff with such precision and clarity. I was able to truly absorb and digest it, and I feel confident that I will act on it."  C.C., Utah

"I've just completed my second listening to the recording of our session. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. I was looking forward to having someone who didn't know me provide a reading. Everything you mentioned about me is completely accurate in regards to what is already known and intuitions about the karmic past...Thank you for your insight - a glimpse at the forces behind what I'm experiencing...it's extremely validating...." C.L., New York

”The reading was exquisite. I have listened to the recording you sent several times. I am being transformed by your insights very deeply.” K.R., California

"I wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the reading and hence for what lies behind that: your intuitive wisdom and skillfulness in using the tools of astrology for helping people in transpersonal work. I was thinking that, in a way, you facilitate an initiation into oneself in both the depths and the heights. I of course found it fascinating from the psychological insight perspective but also moving in terms of having the highest aspirations that we hold, be recognized and affirmed... So, deep bows of gratitude." G.S., Montana

"This was a phenomenal reading. Never have I heard the chart done in such an exquisite way for myself. I finally understand it. Thank you!" J.K., Massachusetts

“I am profoundly grateful for the amazing natal reading you did for me. It was absolutely spot on in every regard! It was also a confirmation/affirmation of why my life has been so filled with challenges...Your beautiful intuitive energy has given me great hope. Thank you so much for the good work you do.”  K.M., California

Thank you for the chart reading today. I cannot express how valuable the experience was; I can already feel a huge shift, inwardly. I love the idea that there are default ways or tendencies, but that there are opportunities to be proactive and change things. I had a more deterministic view of astrology, and knowing I have choice in it is really empowering.” J.A., Minnesota

“Our conversation marked a turning point... I feel more hopeful and excited about my life than I ever have before. Thank you for your healing words and encouragement. Look forward to our next conversation, whenever that will be!” H.G, Washington

"I want to thank you again for [the reading] ...I'm stunned still, for that was the most affirming and clear mirror I have ever stood in front of."  J.S., Oregon

“What you shared in my reading has been manifesting in ways that can only be described as magical. I really paid attention to some specific things you brought forth, and to say my life has been changing in miraculous ways is an understatement.” M.Z., Virginia

"Thanks for the great reading! It was the best astrology interpretation I have ever had. Your depth of knowledge about astrological/psychological processes and professionalism made it a very valuable experience...The evolutionary bent enabled me to feel positive walking out of your office and about taking mindful future steps.” C.V., Montana

"After the time spent with you and our conversation, the soul's relaxation was palpable... The reading is even more profound on second hearing - so precise, exquisite, kind, so fertile, so comforting, so enlivening..."
S.S., Montana

"Thank you again for the reading...It landed precisely and profoundly where it needed to." H.F., France

”Of all the readings I've received over the years, no one has spoken in such a poignant and heartfelt way of the inner stirrings that have propelled me throughout my life. I felt you right there, next to me, sensing so keenly into the various tensions and openings and longings that live within my being...Something about the timing and way the reading unfolded allowed me to fall back into the felt sense of the deep undercurrent that is always there, guiding and supporting me beyond the internal struggle of my everyday self." K.B., California

"I must express to you my heart-felt gratitude for having profoundly revealed myself to me. In the years since I first consulted you I have transformed in many ways, or perhaps I have simply come back around more fully to who it was I had forgotten myself to be." L.H., Idaho

"I have listened to your reading with me several times since you gave it a year and a half ago. It was so prescient and valuable and I am so grateful for it." G.G., California

"I've just finished listening to the MP3 for the second time and have expressed my profound gratitude to the Universe for the session that we had. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I haven't been this energized and this hopeful about the possibilities for redemption..." M.M., Virginia

"....As always, the guidance you share is so important in sorting out my own intuitive urgings and in choosing a direction for the future. Your advice is invaluable, thanks again. And I will be on the lookout for richly carved and shiny Trojan Horses!" K.P., Montana

"Thank you so much for your gift. I have been whirling around since our session wondering how I could let you know how incredibly important our conversation was for me, and how to send it to you in words... It feels like something I have been wrestling with my entire life got lifted in what we worked with and I finally have permission to BE." C.L., Utah

“I’m still in awe of the incredible reading you did for me. Literally dumbstruck!  Suffice it to say that I look forward to talking to you again in the near future.” R.R., New Jersey

“It was extraordinary to listen to you so quickly untangle what I've wrestled with for so long. There is peace in my soul.” K.T., Colorado

“Thank you for an incredible reading. I feel like I am no longer in limbo, and have a direction to start walking, so to speak... Powerful.” J.C., Montana

“Deep gratitude for your amazing guidance today. I am grounded and also  feel like I have a North Star to guide me. I could not be happier. Thank you, thank you.” L.S., Montana

"Once again, your observations are stunning to me in terms of how relevant they are..." B.C., Rhode Island

“I am truly amazed at the accuracy and skill with which you conduct your readings. I don't think I can express in words how meaningful and powerful they are. It feels like you are looking directly into my soul. Although my intuition is growing in strength, I still have doubts and fears. Your readings help me to choose faith over fear. Thank you.” E.D., Illinois

“Thank you so much for your insights and recognition. Yours is truly important work. After the big challenges, I am now open and excited about the next chapter of my life.”  M.D., Nevada

"I wish everyone could hear what you can tell them about themselves." J.S., California

“You'll never know how healing your reading has been for me. I am grateful for your wisdom and insight.” 
B.W., Colorado

“Your readings affirmed things in me that gave me the confidence and courage I needed to forge ahead on a path that wasn't at all clear...I feel I owe so much to the things your readings illuminated for me and I wanted you to know the immensity of the impact of those readings on my life.”  S.B., Bali

“What an experience! Thank you for your incredible insight and guidance. A million times, thank you. The sense of calm I have today is somewhat unprecedented. I feel relieved. Free. Open. Ready.” M.H., Illinois

“I’m writing several years after the fact to let you know that the birth chart reading you did for me was literally life-changing...Such a gift.” A.D., Montana

“I can't begin to tell you how accurate and useful the consultation [two months ago] has been and no doubt will continue to be! So again, thank you for ... the skills that make such a helpful use of the solar chart possible.” M.S., Montana

“Thanks again...The sense of relief, that my ‘alert’ system can notch down a bit further and that I can relax a little bit more into my life is profound.” C.W., Montana

“I so appreciate your clear insight. You are like a raft showing up, out in deep sea.” L.R., California

“I listened to [the recording] of the reading last night and it struck me how profound this information is and will continue to be for a long time...The MP3 is like an old wooden box with a treasure map of me inside. It is beautiful. Thank you...I feel as if I can now fully venture into the wildness of my own soul and come back with a new way to express myself.“ E.G., Colorado

“So many riches  you’ve left me with, to continue mining. Exquisitely helpful...”C.M., California

“Wow! I can't believe how powerful the reading was for me...feeling much gratitude for the experience...”
E.C., Montana

“Thank you so much for your time, insight and guidance, which all are profoundly helpful and will resonate in me for some time.” R.S., California

“We continue to feel astounded and blessed by what you have shown us about ourselves through the stars...”  K.M., Virginia

"Thank you for so gracefully and compassionately guiding us through our session... You brought very helpful new insights into the process we're engaged in, as well as a quality of kind awareness that helped to unfreeze some stuck areas." A.S., Montana

"I have to let you know that I've been referring to our last session almost daily. So much is up. With your insight I'm navigating some heavy waters and opening to where I'm being led.” C.L., Utah

"As ever, I am amazed at the gift you bring into this world... I am so grateful for the work you have helped me to initiate..." J.F., Montana

“Our session was truly amazing. Things are moving along so far just as you read. I'm feeling... more confident and hopeful... Suddenly things are happening!” R.H., Kentucky

“Wow - that was stunningly helpful!” B.Y., Montana

“Thank you for the time and care you put into these readings; they are so life affirming….” B.M., Montana

“I want you to know that so much of what was said when we did our reading several months ago has and continues to come forth in very positive ways… I have a new found self-confidence that I have never had in my entire life. It is so joyful to know that with or without a partner, I can continue to live a happy life. …Just wanted you to know that you have made a difference in my life.” S.R., Montana

“I was amazed by the breadth and the scope of this reading, and how deeply it resonated with my life experience. It blew my mind.” L.K., California